What Is Static Cling

What Is Static Cling

Why Static Cling Occurs

Uses of Static Cling

Reducing Static Cling


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Have you ever come across a situation where you pull your clothes out of the clothes dryer and find that some clothes are stuck to each other? Have you ever been bothered by your skirt or trousers sticking to your legs and constantly having to pull your clothing away from your body? Do you find yourself wondering why your clothes are bunching together and riding up your legs for no apparent reason?

Well, there is a very simple explanation and reason behind all these occurrences and it’s called Static Cling.

Static cling is a property of substances that make them cling to each other because of opposite electrical charges. When the conditions are dry and two different kinds of materials come in contact with each other, sometimes there is an exchange of electrons between the two substances. This exchange of electrons leaves one substance with a positive charge and the other with a negative charge. Basic laws of science state that unlike charges attract, thus the two substances will attract one another, which is termed as static cling.

The basic concept behind static cling is that of static electricity. It is due to the build-up of static electricity that Static Cling occurs. Let us see some more instances of static cling which will help to better understand what static cling is.

If you rub a balloon with your hand or some material and then take it close to some surface, say a wall, you will notice that the balloon sticks to the wall. In another example, after combing your dry hair, if you bring the comb near some pieces of paper, you will see that the paper sticks to the comb.

Why does the comb attract the paper, or why does the balloon get stuck to the wall without any glue or adhesive. Yes, you’re right. It is because of Static Cling.

Static cling can be quite a problem when it happens to your clothes and can even hinder the workings of electronic products. But Static Cling is not all bad. The concept of static cling has been used successfully to manufacture many products and has found applications in various areas.

Experiments with static cling can also be a whole lot of fun!

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