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Static cling can be quite a problem in dry winter months because there is less humidity in the air, which promotes static electricity and thus static cling. Clinging clothes on the body, stuff sticking to each other when just washed etc, are some of the troublesome effects of static cling. Here are some ways in which you can control static electricity and thus reduce static cling.

1) Static electricity is produced more in dry conditions. Thus, if it is causing too much static cling in your home, you can try and increase the humidity levels in your home with a humidifier. This will reduce the instances of static electricity and thus static cling too.

2) If your clothes tend to cling to your body, you can try using a moisturizer to make your skin less dry. This can help to reduce static cling. Another method would be to wear clothes made from natural fibers and not synthetic ones. Natural materials such as cotton tend to produce less static cling than artificial materials.

3) To prevent static cling with clothes in the dryer, you can use a dryer sheet. When the dryer sheet is put into the dryer with the other clothes, it gives out positive charged particles which can be picked up by negatively charged atoms in your clothes. This helps to make the clothes more positively charged, because of which there is less exchange of electrons, less static electricity, and thus less static cling.

Using a fabric softener on your clothes also works well to minimize static cling. The fabric softener coats all your clothes with the same chemicals. When they come in contact with each other in the dryer, the clothes are actually coming in contact with the fabric softener. As the softener is the same on all the clothes, the material all becomes the same. As static cling does not happen between same materials, your problem is solved.

4) Putting one half cup of borax or one half cup of vinegar, in the machine during the wash and rinse cycle, is a tried and tested home remedy to get rid of static cling in your clothes.

Thus, with the above solutions, you can eliminate static cling.

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