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Although many of you may see static cling as a bothersome occurrence, especially if it happens a lot with your clothes and other things, it is not always a problem. The properties of static cling have found many useful applications in various products. Here’s a look at some of the beneficial uses of Static Cling.

1) Static Cling Signs: Various signs are made that use the concept of static cling. Because the signs are static cling signs, you can stick them up anywhere you please without the use of any kind of adhesive or glue. In addition to that, you can also remove the signs and re-use them as you please. The applications of static cling signs are enormous; some of them being:

  • Signs for stores and shops
  • Promotional signs and banners
  • Vehicle signs and stickers
  • Signs announcing sales and fluctuating prices of products etc.

2) Static Cling Wrap: Static cling is the basic premise behind cling wrap. Ever wondered how the cling wrap sticks to your dishes to keep food fresher and cleaner. Well, now you know!

3) Static Cling Sun Film: Various kinds of sun protection films are made with static cling. These static cling sun films can be used on your vehicle or in your home/office to minimize ultraviolet sun rays. They are very easy to fix, and it is not a messy job as is the case with films that stick with glue.

4) Inkjet Printable Static Cling Labels: With the availability of static cling labels that can be printed on your inkjet printer, making such labels has become much easier and cost-effective. You no longer need to get your labels printed from silkscreen printers. With inkjet printable static cling labels, you can make your own labels easily and cheaply.

5) Static Cling Coordinate Grids: Coordinate grids and graphs made with static cling are easy to use. You can fix them up on any kind of smooth surface, and can re-use them as many times as possible. Such grids are great as teaching aids.

6) Static Cling Decals: If you require any kind of decals for graphic uses, in areas where you need to be able to fix the decals and remove them with ease, static cling decals is the perfect choice.

These are just some of the many wonderful applications of static cling.

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